Aud Ingebjørg Heldaas: Vocals, strings, keyboards, glockenspiel
Kjetil Sæter: Acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, backing vocals, keyboards
Bjørn Barstad: Acoustic and electric guitar, acoustic and electric mandolins, mandoguitar, backing vocals, accordion, bass organ, glockenspiel

Produced and mixed by Johan Forsman
Recorded at Music-a-Matic, Gothenburg

Drums and percussion by Alexander Dehl, bass by Kjetil Dalland. backing vocals and keyboards by Forsman. Track 1,2,4,5,8,9 and 14 written by Kjetil Sæter. Track 5,6,11 and 13 written by Aud Ingebjørg Heldaas. Track 10 and 12 written by Sæter and Heldaas.

1 Celebrate me Lyrics
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2 Vanity Lyrics
3 Nothing wrong
4 Any given day Lyrics
5 Over my head Lyrics
6 Fast asleep
7 Break my defences Lyrics
8 Devils and demons Lyrics
9 The day that never ended Lyrics
10 The gun
11 Wait for you
12 Summer always comes
13 Where would I be
14 House on a hill Lyrics

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